Unveiling the Impact of Acid Erosion on Your Smile

We all know that sugary snacks and poor oral hygiene can wreak havoc on our teeth, but there's another, often overlooked, culprit silently causing damage—acid erosion. Acid erosion occurs when the enamel, the protective outer layer of our teeth, is gradually worn away by acids present in certain foods and beverages. Let's delve into the details of this subtle yet... read more »

Don’t Ignore a Toothache as It Will Only Get Worse

It’s a new year and you want to improve your oral hygiene habits. You’ve begun to pay attention and brush your teeth every day.  Now you are wondering, are the black lines on my teeth decay? You brush them; however, they cannot be cleaned?    This is hard to answer. It is recommended that you visit your favorite dentist at Providence... read more »