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Looking to achieve a more beautiful smile? Orthodontic treatment can give you a new look and significantly improve your oral health! If you feel that you are ready to get started on your smile transformation, we welcome you to visit our dentist, Dr. Kwame Gyampo, at our Providence Smiles office for orthodontics in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Orthodontic care is easier, faster and more comfortable than ever before, and our team can help design a treatment plan that fits your lifestyle. Call 919-732-8179 today for your consultation!

What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the dental specialty centered on how your teeth and jaw fit together. It looks to correct irregularities in the alignment of your smile that may be contributing to larger cosmetic and oral health issues. As a branch of dentistry that has been studied for thousands of years, orthodontics offers a number of treatment options that can be specialized to fit each patient’s unique situation and goals, and our team will help you decide which treatment is best for you.

Common Orthodontic Problems

There are a number of reasons why a patient may be interested in orthodontic treatment, and our dentist may recommend orthodontic care if alignment or bite issues are affecting the health, beauty or function of your smile. Some of the problems our office can address with orthodontics include:

When a patient’s upper front teeth naturally reach out beyond their lower teeth, they have what is called an overbite. This can cause the bottom arch of teeth to bite into the roof of the mouth and can sometimes create a “double chin”.

When a patient’s lower front teeth reach out beyond their upper teeth, they have what is referred to as an underbite. This can affect a patient’s face share, causing the chin to appear larger than it is.

Open Bite
When the upper front teeth and lower front teeth do not overlap at all, a patient has an open bite, which can cause difficulties with chewing and may encourage unhealthy oral habits, such as tongue thrusting.

When the upper arch of teeth naturally rests inside the lower arch, the patient has a crossbite. When untreated, a crossbite can lead to uneven use of jaw muscles and, eventually, a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD).

Upper Front Teeth Protrusion
Upper front teeth protrusion, sometimes known as bucked teeth, occurs when the upper front teeth angle outward or stick out beyond the lower teeth. This can affect and the function and aesthetic look of your smile.

Unmatched Dental Midlines
Also known as a misplaced midline, unmatched dental midlines occurs when the top and bottom bites do not match, negatively impacting the jaw’s health and function.

Why Pursue Orthodontic Treatment?

While some people view orthodontics as a purely cosmetic field of dentistry, the alignment of your teeth can also have a significant on your oral health and function. A straighter smile is easier to clean, putting it at a lower risk for gum disease or tooth decay. Proper alignment also makes it easier to chew, eat and speak correctly. Some health concerns, such as TMD, bruxism and frequent headaches, may have alignment issues at the core.

Types of Braces

If you decide it is time to look into orthodontic treatment but are worried about how it will affect your lifestyle, talk with our team. There are multiple different types of treatment available to you, and we can help you choose which is best for the health of your smile. The most common treatments include:

  • Metal Braces — Traditional metal braces are the most common. With brackets and wires made of stainless teel, these braces slowly shift your smile into alignment.
  • Ceramic (Clear) Braces — Similar to traditional braces, ceramic braces harness a system of brackets and wires. Unlike metal braces, however, the materials used are of a translucent material, making them more discreet.
  • Clear Aligners — Clear aligner treatments, like Invisalign®, use a system of clear plastic trays to gently move your teeth into alignment. Custom-designed to fit your smile, each set of aligners is comfortable, effective and nearly invisible.

During your orthodontic consultation, our team can help assess your needs and preferences and find the right choice for you. To learn more, call or visit our team to schedule your initial orthodontic examination. We hope to see you soon!

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